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PostSubject: General chat   General chat EmptySat Mar 13, 2010 5:30 pm

yeh ah owner we cant use the general chat because you put administrator permissions on it. I thought i might tell you =). Ah i was wondering i have the most posts now and im running out of things to post in, it would be greatly appreiciated if you could put some other topics up for discussion.

just some suggestions here:
1.Why do you Want to play on Kryto-Wow?
2.Why do you choose private servers over retail WoW?
3.What do you enjoy about Private Servers?

And any other questions that you may want to be answered.
Also i think you should start making polls to answer people requests for GM's and other positions of interest, im gonna start making polls i would hope you asthe owner could follow or anyone else if they are interested.
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General chat
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