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 BigL's [GM APP]

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What I Prefer
Kyrpto in one word?: K-R-Y-P-----T-----------------------O
Where do you live?: Calgary
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PostSubject: BigL's [GM APP]   Wed Mar 10, 2010 1:24 pm

1. In-Game Name:BigL

2. Real Name:Brent

3. How Old are you:17

4. List of Commands:for arcemu
to spawn npcs .npc spawn [id]
for objects .go objec[id]
.lookup [object creture item]
.gm on/off

5. Where are you from:Alberta Canada Calgary

6. Can you control urself:yes

7. Past Experience:been admin

8. If someone asked for items,Gold or levels what do u do:
i would tell them no i can not give you any items unless its for a quest that requiers a item and i cat giv gold or levels you have to earn those bye killing npcs
9: How can you help server:
i can help the players with any problems i can speak two langauges spanish and english
10. How many hours can you play:
4 hours or longer
11. Do u play retail or any other servers:i have played retail but i cant go on my char becuase my BC trial is over
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What I Prefer
Kyrpto in one word?: WTF NO
Where do you live?: No Comment
Horde or Alliance?: Dont get Question

PostSubject: Pending   Wed Mar 10, 2010 1:37 pm

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BigL's [GM APP]
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